About our products

Most products are handmade, therefore not all pieces will be identical or have the exact same measurements, although we strive to make each piece as similar as possible. 



Like all material that is not real gold the chains will eventually tarnish. We all want our favourite pieces to last forever, but lets be real, the only way that will happen is by buying 100% solid Gold.

Dixiegraze can not guarantee any time limit for long an item will last as its really up to each individual person and depending on how you care for it. Gold Plated simply means there is a thin layer of real gold on top on whatever base material is used. In theory its similar to costume jewellery, however the life length on Gold Plated jewellery is much longer than costume jewellery you buy from famous retail stores. Most costume jewellery from retailers such as H&M or Forever21 will tarnish easily.

The rate at which things tarnish will vary depending on the amount of exposure to hot weather, your body chemistry: how acidic it is and how much you sweat etc. 

Gold filled jewellery on the other hand is the closest thing to solid gold without the sky high price tag. Gold filled jewellery is about 5-10 times more thicker and durable than gold plated jewellery and will last years without tarnishing, of course depending on wear.

And last but not least; your jewellery will last longer if kept away from other materials, for instance if you hang your necklace up or keep it in the box it came with. This way it wont rub off to other materials. Another vital key to avoid discolouration is by NOT spraying perfume straight on your necklace, try to always remember to spray your perfume/body spray before wearing your necklace.


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