'Alter Ego' Hand Stamped bar necklace


Image of 'Alter Ego' Hand Stamped bar necklace

You are probably thinking why is this necklace called alter ego.
Well keep reading!

I believe we all have an alter ego or a nickname, therefore I created this unique idea where you can have 2 names; one name on the front side of the bar and one in the back.
(You may of course wish to just have only one name stamped, its not a requirement to choose two names)

Because one day you might feel like wearing your name and the next day you might feel like wearing your alter ego name.
Or maybe you just want to wear your name and your special someones the next day. Whatever rocks your boat!

1. Choose two names up to 10 letters each (the bar wont fit any more than that) If you want roman numerals please make sure you provide the format in roman numerals and not in english date. For this 9 letters is maximum.

2. At Checkout when paying with PayPal there should be an option to put a note to seller, this is where you put your two names. It doesn't matter in what order because you will be able to wear the necklace either way remember.
If you do not see this option please send me an email stating the two names along with your order number and your full name to dixiegraze@gmail.com

3. All letters will be in CAPITAL letters and only English letters. We do not have symbols such as heart symbols, - _ / ! ? ' " or etc
Please allow 10 days processing time plus additional shipping time

IMPORTANT NOTE; as this is a hand stamped necklace there is no machines used therefore some letters might not be hundred percent straight or in alignment , this is the beauty of handmade work: it is unique and made with love but love isn't perfect and it comes with imperfections at times.

Length: 18 inches/45cm

Material used: High quality Gold plated bar and chain.
This necklace will not tarnish easily if taken care of properly.
Never sleep in it
Never shower with it
Never spray perfume directly on it
Wipe the bar on both sides with a dry cloth or piece of fabric in between wear. By doing this you remove all dirt/oils/build up from the necklace which is what causes tarnish.

Please also note that, although every effort is made to photograph my items accurately and describe my products in detail, I cannot guarantee every computer monitor will accurately depict the actual color of the merchandise. Also when using flash this may alter the color slightly. Please contact me with any questions about the color or size of any item if you are unsure about this. Alternatively you may look at our instagram feed for customer photos and other photos of the products.


Image of 'Alter Ego' Hand Stamped bar necklace Image of 'Alter Ego' Hand Stamped bar necklace


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