'RANI' Choker

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Image of 'RANI' Choker

RANI = Queen in Hindi
This unique style choker will make you stand out and look like the Queen you are!
Gold Metallic Choker necklace

One size fits most. Measures approximately 41 cm at its longest and 31 cm at its shortest.(updated length)

The best and easiest way to put this choker on (especially with long nails) is to put it on back to front and then slowly twisting the choker around and in place so that the clasp is in the back.
Please wear with care and do not tighten too much, make sure you are able to move your head side to side without it being too tight, or else this may result in snapping the choker

Please also note that, although every effort is made to photograph my items accurately and describe my products in detail, I cannot guarantee every computer monitor will accurately depict the actual color of the merchandise. Also when using flash this may alter the color slightly. Please contact me with any questions about the color or size of any item if you are unsure about this. Alternatively you may look at our instagram feed for customer photos and other photos of the products.


Image of 'RANI' Choker Image of 'RANI' Choker Image of 'RANI' Choker


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