Our Story

Dixiegraze was founded by Hanna Olsen in 2013. It started off with the intent to only be a hobby but is now an established business that is constantly growing.

"As a teenager I had a very unique and personal style. I have always been into jewellery and started customising vintage jewellery I bought from thrift stores to suit my style. That's when I realised I had an eye for detail and a real love for jewellery. And if I didn't have the money for it I had to make it myself, and so I did,” says Hanna, Dixiegraze’s owner and designer.

Most products are handmade by myself, and some manufactured but designed by me. I enjoy working with different textured chains and unique pendants. All of my pieces are specifically made for layering. Its all about simplicity but also the detail within the simplicity. My pieces range from every day wear to dress up pieces.

Hanna's inspiration comes from architecture, centuries and different cultures, such from India and the Middle East.

One of the main philosophy's behind Dixiegraze is to have specially made pieces that are made affordable for everyone. “I think jewellery these days are overpriced and the quality isn't even that great most of the time. You know, I would buy a piece from a big retailer that I really loved but it would change colour after 3 times. I was tired of my favourite jewellery not lasting long enough, so I had to create my own to fill the gap in the custom jewellery market"

Its extremely important to me that my pieces suit a wide range of women and that its also within a reasonable price range for every woman. (I have male customers too) I'm a shopaholic myself, but a frugal one, so I don’t believe in spending a lot to look good. And I just want the same for my customers,” says Hanna.


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