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This necklace is custom made, meaning we do not have any names already available in stock. Due to the nature of this please allow approximately a total of 4-6 weeks from order date to delivery date (Sometimes less depending on country )

Material used : 18k gold plated over stainless steel
Thickness of name plate; 1.7mm
(as of 2018 we no longer offer gold filled)
Stainless steel is a highly durable metal against tarnish and rust.


-This font is in all lowercase letters (including the first letter -

1. Choose your chain length; 16 inch or 18 inch. Both comes with a 2 inch extender chain.
16 inch can adjust up to 18 inch and 18 inch can adjust up to 20 inch.

2. On the checkout page there is a section saying " NOTES” please provide the name there. If you would like your necklace is silver colour (Stainless steel) please also specify that in the notes section. Please note that stainless steel itself is darker in colour than actual silver.
As of 2018 we no longer offer sketches or translations so if you would like a name or a word in any specific language we can do so however you must provide the spelling yourself by pasting the spelling/letters in the notes section. We regret to inform you that we do not accept photos, screenshots or hyperlinks of spellings.
To get an idea of how your necklace will look please refer to our photos and the alphabet displaying each letter.

3. Time to double check the information you have provided to us; make sure your chain length and spelling is correct, if you by mistake write for example Sarh instead of Sarah, we are not liable for any spelling mistakes or errors.

Once your necklace is made and ready to dispatch we will notify you with shipping info !

Please note; the more letters the smaller the size of the necklace will be, the less letters the bigger the size of the necklace will be.


(May not be suitable for those with severe nickel allergy, however our plating method is allergy friendly, please buy at own risk)

Although all of our items are gold plated, if not worn with care it loses its plating in course of time. It will fade faster in contact with finger imprints, perfume, oil, cosmetics, sweat, moisture/humidity etc.

Our tips for longer lasting jewellery is to take if off when sleeping/showering and keep it away from other materials, for example keep it in a separate box or hang it up.

Please also note that, although every effort is made to photograph our items accurately and describe our products in detail, we cannot guarantee every computer monitor will accurately depict the actual color of the merchandise. Also when using flash this may alter the color slightly. Please contact us with any questions about the color or size of any item if you are unsure about this. Alternatively you may look at our instagram @dixiegraze for customer photos and other photos of the products.


Image of Customized Goth font name necklace Image of Customized Goth font name necklace Image of Customized Goth font name necklace Image of Customized Goth font name necklace


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