Queen Nefertiti

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  • Image of Queen Nefertiti
  • Image of Queen Nefertiti
  • Image of Queen Nefertiti
  • Image of Queen Nefertiti
  • Image of Queen Nefertiti

Gold plated over stainless steel dainty chain.
Gold plated over stainless steel Box chain.
Both chain length is approximately 18 inch/45 cm.
Nefertiti pendant is 22k gold plated over brass. Pendant size : 1.5cm height and 1cm at its widest point.
(Pendant is hollow, which means the back is not flat)

She is known for her elegant beauty. Her bust has been an icon for many women around the world. Many societies around the world have adopted the queen as a symbol of true beauty. Some historians have even proclaimed her the most beautiful woman in the world. Whatever people have said about her, one thing holds true; she remains renowned for her beauty after her death and during her life as a queen.

Although all of our items are gold plated, if not worn with care it loses its plating in course of time. It will fade faster in contact with finger imprints, perfume, oil, cosmetics, sweat, moisture/humidity etc.

Our tips for longer lasting jewellery is to take if off when sleeping/showering and keep it away from other materials, for example keep it in a separate box or hang it up.

Please also note that, although every effort is made to photograph our items accurately and describe our products in detail, we cannot guarantee every computer monitor will accurately depict the actual color of the merchandise. Also when using flash this may alter the color slightly. Please contact us with any questions about the color or size of any item if you are unsure about this. Alternatively you may look at our instagram @dixiegraze for customer photos and other photos of the products.

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