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  • Image of GIRL POWER chains
  • Image of GIRL POWER chains
  • Image of GIRL POWER chains
  • Image of GIRL POWER chains

We made these necklaces because women should be celebrated every day.

Womanhood necklace - the state or condition of being a woman. Being a woman means being strong, because you will find that your womanhood will need that strength, and when you let it, sometimes that strength will even find you. Ladies, remember you are always more than enough. The universe created a perfect you with all your gifts and imperfections. A woman’s essence can be seen by more than just the eye, and in your core essence, you have a knowing that connects you to your true self.

The Future Is Female necklace - does not mean female over male, nor is it trans-misogynist. We have heard critics of the Black Lives Matter movement say “all lives matter”. This is foolish, as all lives are not under siege the way that blacks live have been for centuries. So the slogan “black lives matter” exists because we have to remind you. When we say, “save the dolphins,” we don’t mean “kill the whales”. Similarly, when we say, “the future is female”, we say it to serve as a reminder that alternative and possibly stronger forms of leadership lie in untapped resources. We say “the future is female” as a personal reminder to ourselves that each of us has a voice, and that we must own it - written by Madame (Kiran) Gandhi

Gold plated over stainless steel.
Choose from curb chain or standard dainty chain.
This is an in stock item and comes as 45cm/18 inch length + extender 5cm/2 inch
If you want this in 40cm/16 inch + 5cm/2 inch extender please make a note at checkout!
Buy both and save £10

Image of I AM necklace
I AM necklace
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Queen of Egypt necklace
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The future is FEMALE
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I AM bracelet/anklet
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